Cory Gardner

US Senator


Cory is an advocate for economic growth, job creation and sound foreign policy. The only thing we think the Honorable U.S. Senator Gardner could do better; is Run for President!

Ken Buck

US Congressman


Ken has long been a Champion of Liberty. He is continually working to reduce burdensome government regulations, help our Veterans and support the rural & agricultural communities. The Honorable Congressman Buck is also a strong voice for school choice.

Walker Stapleton

Colorado State Treasurer


Walker is serving his second term as the Colorado State Treasurer. He is an advocate for Colorado pension members & taxpayers. Walker has been named one of America's top 24 rising political stars by the Aspen Institute and received their prestigious Rodel Fellowship. He has saved Colorado taxpayers millions through transparency & debt reform.

Vicki Marble

Colorado State Senator (District 23)


Colorado State Senator Marble, has the most conservative voting record in the Colorado State Senate. She is incredible. Marble is currently the Majority Caucus Chair for the Colorado Senate.

Steve Humphrey

State Representative (District 48)


State Representative Humphrey has the best voting record in the Colorado State House of Representatives, and constantly promotes the principles of liberty, small government, low taxes, and less regulation on you, your business, and your family.

Sean Conway

Weld County Commissioner At-Large


Commissioner Conway has spent a lifetime promoting conservative values. With his leadership & vision, Weld County had the highest employment increase in the entire nation at 6%. He has removed unnecessary regulations, and Weld County is the only county in the nation with

ZERO Debt!